Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Ah, had a wonderful day today. Had a customer visit to talk about a current mold fix we are working on. Apparently the shop that built the mold didn't feel there was a sense of urgency to get it fixed and turned around. The customer asked us to help out and we stepped up for them. After some inspection we found the slide burns were .005 off and mismatched. That's too bad because it's a good looking mold. The just didn't take care when setting up their EDM burn and obviously never checked it when completed. We're almost complete with the fix and we'll have it back in the press well under the time the original mold builder was thinking.

Spent the second part of the day making phone calls trying to find out why a few of the customers aren't paying their bill. Naturally no one wants to answer the phone or respond back. I'll be at it again tomorrow morning. It's kind of funny, big companies that you you've met all your commitments too and deliver a quality tool on time can't pay their bill on time. I know if we were two weeks late delivering a tool they would be all over our butts. That's the one big thing that can be discouraging about being in business (not to mention NY State breaking chops). Only a few problems and they used to be good at paying the invoices. Most of our customers are great and appreciate the effort we put forth and the relationships we have developed. I must find more. My quest continues.

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