Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2 forward, 1 back

It was a hot one today. The day started a little humid but cool and breezy. Th guys opted to have the doors open for fresh air. Needless to say buy lunch time it was hot and humid in the shop. We have a concrete roof and that just absorbs the sunlight and radiates the heat into the building. The weather forecast is the same for tomorrow. The AC goes on.

It really hurts when building a tool, that we miss something and shoot ourselves in the foot. Costing time and money. It's even worse we one of our suppliers does it to us. We got burned today by a supplier fat-fingering a catalog number into their system. We take the component out of the box, go to mount it and find there is an interference that cannot be avoided. So much for shipping the tool today. Fortunately, we have a very understanding customer.

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  1. Love the background....It looks like the tool is in the desert!